Ways We Save the World



mangroves cradling coasts anew, hurricanes

to cry safely in their arms


black pines in Miyagi, standing sentinel

along Tohoku shore, braced against tsunami roar


Wangari Maathai, her hands, mind, life

to the task, spreading green over African sands


Elion in the Kubuqi, planting a Great Green Wall

against barbaric sands


Yellowstone to Yukon, a wildlife corridor, step by step


and in Thailand, minding fields of rice, the Duck Master


Aye, Calypso! vessel for explorers of the sea


and before you, Kon Tiki, and before that

understories, underscoring works wrought long ago

lessons left in stone, graffiti in Tasili, in Peterborough, in Brazil


be humbled: termite cities more eternal than Rome, and

Mediterranean empire of ants, and aspen, many trunks, one

being extending tens of thousands of years, all clear

and present, persistently declaring


put your own house in order, as the Sage said; and

clean and restore the clamourous rampage of microbiome

in the gut, as below, so above.


Image by Tanuj Handa from pixabay.com ‘Diya’

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