Collage, Making the Cut, Cutting Up

The ever-incisive Spectator Curator, aka Luciana Erregue-Saachi, deftly portrays the social moment…


Tristan Tzara, Dadaist poet,  famously advocated a “cut-up” method of composition, involving cutting out words from a newspaper and drawing them randomly from a hat to create a poem. Collage in language-based work can now mean any composition that includes words, phrases, or sections of outside source material in juxtaposition. With immigration, the feeling of living inside a collage –of experiences, of languages, of places, becomes a new looking glass…Those who have lived half of our lives in one place and the other half in another as it is in my case, see the many sides of life simultaneously, as if looking at one of Picasso’s many portraits of Dora Maar… from the inside, looking at those looking at us. That is why, when faced with a rejection letter from a poem I had submitted about living on Treaty Six, instead of getting mad, I just wrote a collage…

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