The Polyglot: Adventures in Many Tongues

Really great artists hold the door.

My amazing friend Luciana Erregue-Sacchi is one of those, and this past spring, she collaborated with another, the lovely Adriana Onita, who spearheads the editorial collective that produces The Polyglot.

Luciana, as an art historian, wanted to explore the connection between visual and literary aspects of our Canadian canon, with an eye toward honouring the panoply of roots, tongues and influences that compose us – so much more than the simplified (and somewhat imaginary, really) English/French duality of officialdom. Adriana and her team had already produced two editions of their groundbreaking magazine, and Luciana’s bold move to ekphrastic exploration suited Issue 3 perfectly.

Check out the work they brought together! Curating Our Canons

There’s a lot of heavy lifting that went into the cultural, historical and personal truth-telling presented in this issue. Nonetheless, or perhaps as a natural spiritual reaction, we had a mighty fine time presenting the finished product to the public;  Launch Party Shenanigans 

Yes, that’s another fab image from, a tremendous source of open source imagery uploaded by talented folks from around the world. 

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