Poster Child

How about that? I’m a poster child, at my well-established age.

It hadn’t been a career ambition, but it is an honour, to have my face (for better or worse, my own) out there in support of a really great cultural program.

Want to know who we are as Canadians? Bring Canadian authors to your community. The National Public Readings Program of The Writers’ Union of Canada sponsors this initiative. As an author, the chance to bring my work directly to people, and share it with them in person,  is the greatest part of the work. How else do we get to know each other?

Some of my most amazing experiences in life have come about through presenting my work. I’m all up for finding more. And aside from my own selfish desire to see more country, meet more people? There are so many truly great writers in Canada, who, thanks to this program, can share their work with audiences across this very large land.

That matters.


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