St. Eugene: Not a Poetry Video (yet)

Here are the gates. Beside them, an image from an older time, another purpose.

Here is the gorgeous architecture. And beside it, tribute to the children brought here. Building and children face East, where the sun rises steadfast over blue mountains.

Here is the message, the new mission. And here, the window of the room where i stayed. Ivy graced, finely refurbished, my room looks out over gardens and art; open the windows, and mourning dove songs drift in on spring scented air.

The Ktunaxa people are reclaiming, repurposing, reconciling their colonial past. St. Eugene now welcomes the world, to come, relax, play, dine and enrich ourselves.

I was invited to present at a Writers’ Conference. I’ll write more about it later. For now, these images, and this thought: writers, come to St. Eugene. Be changed, be part of the change.

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