Olympic Flame PyeongChang

Kim Yuna glides

high above the gathered throngs

waiting, her thoughts her own

carving sprays of ice, in arcs

that fall and glimmer, like a thousand

prayers from mouth to sky, can you

hear me? families divided by a line

between world powers, carved

across their homeland’s face

might read anything or nothing

in her beauteous calm.


Kim Yuna stands ready now, and now

receives the torch; she poses, perfectly

timed for world broadcast, and reaches

to the stack of artistic crystals.

Flames spring up, and then a spiral rises

a coil expanding, bearing flame up

to the cauldron high above her.  Flames

spring up, and this spring of fire recoils

like flame-bearing barbed wire, retracts

was it a tiger’s snarl?  beneath a champion’s

poised, ice-cool smooth expressions

there is no knowing.


This flame, bearing so many hopes, so many

dreams, so many histories unspoken, subsumed

will burn in smooth splendour, poised

above the bodies striving here, each gleaming

arc of artistry that shines a light, sparks

memories, thoughts


The image here comes from Pixabay.com. They provide an amazing array of really great Creative Commons licensed images. This one is by Teddy Kim of South Korea


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