Tool Of God

In this present climate where science and religion seem to be squaring up for some sort of ridiculous duel, this seems relevant again. First posted in March, 2015.


It has been a long, dark winter. Today marks four years since the tsunami that devastated Tohoku, with its continuing legacy of nuclear refugees, radiation leaking into the sea, untold ramifications to come to us all. I pray that those who are responsible to act directly upon Fukushima have been doing so with integrity, to the best of their ability serving the greater design. It is hard to know whether they are.

It is hard to trust governments far and near. Our own, for example, shut down radiation monitoring stations across Western Canada in the wake of Fukushima. It is hard to see that as an act of integrity, as willingness to serve the authentic best interests of those with whom our leadership interacts.

If i get the opportunity to tell Mr. Harper so, i will tell him that i reckon it a disgrace to wear the title Right Honourable…

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