Surf Rider (for JW)

A little poem inspired by another Twitter pal’s call for us all to work toward a better world, together. I’ve never met you, Jesse, but I believe we share a love for this world of wonders.

I see it, too, sometimes, flashing a fin

in the murky waves of this present time; battling

the undertow of self-righteousness, urging us

to swim clean

when we thrash

in rage, reminding us:



respect for the ocean

will carry us over these waves.

I see it, a long white cloud

not some new land

but the same one promised

to every life, and surrendered

for whatever price we cannot pay.

In every kiss, every lullaby

every manifesto scratched

song against the belly of heaven

it calls us, and we will get there.

We will


patriarchy for egality

fear for love

this need to tell you, and teach you

and convince you

for simple devotion to

follow the flashing fin

swim, glide, skim

all the way home.

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