they say, star woman fell

down here because

she was curious

they say, the star sisters

still watch us

they say, when star woman fell

it was a humble one

who gave all he had to reach

enough earth for her landing

they say, the humble ones

still watch us

they say, the turtle carries

on her shell the sacred

geometries, the formula

for moon and time

they say, this is still

turtle island

they say, if you listen

the song goes on, with space

and time for your voice

sing, they say.

Last night, I hosted an event for Edmonton Poetry Festival, now in our 10th year. Thanks, Alice Major, for founding this festival. Thanks, all the visionaries who turn hands to making the events happen.

Not least, thanks to the poets who performed – Gregory Scofield, Marilyn Dumont, Liz Howard and Rebecca Thomas. If you were there, you know why that night was special, and we will remember that night, long years from now.  If you were there, thank you, too. We raised song together, and that song we left open, still to be sung.

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