Kyrie Eleison: Good Friday, Anno Domini 2017

Today, I am baking bread with young women of my community. We commit the same act of prayer and connection, exploration and discovery that women, and men, have wrought through long generations. This is living veneration, asking the grain to submit, to transform, to rise renewed as the staff of life.

Kyrie Eleison

there are too many of them, Lord

created out of slipshod schools

and cruel indifferences


Christe Eleison

they are too hungry, Lord

who has washed their feet?

or held them when they cried

and told them, you are not alone?


Kyrie Eleison

They are too formed of evil things and lies

their heart is so beyond my reach

as they burn the innocent, damn the lot


Good Friday

has never acceded to consumerism

you cannot sell this kind of sacrifice


Mother of God

why is it women and children first?

who cannot run away, who would be fools

enough to cradle the generals, crying

my son, my son, you too are my son


All My Relations

All My Relations

All My Relations


Kyrie Great Mother

Love Come Love Come Love Come.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary-Ann says:

    Hmmmm, so good!


  2. bilingualgal says:

    Hi Anna. Good to see you are back and to hear you via poetry. Have a good Easter. Jocelyne


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