Some Snow: Poem #3 of 2017 30/30

I’ve started a new page, in honour of Poetry Month, where I’ll be posting daily (one hopes) poems. I had a blast trying this out last spring, having been inspired by This year, I’m playing 30/30 with pals in The Stroll of Poets, and we’ll be posting as a group after our month of shenanigans is complete.

Meanwhile, I’m posting my own on its own page on this site (see the menu up above.)

Here is my poem for April 3rd. If you like it, please feel free to follow along daily at the 30/30 page. I cannot promise to offer thematic cohesion, narrative arc, or consistency of craft.. just whatever the day inspires.

some snow

some sun

some cloud



new bud

new shoot

elsewhere, bullets



on the boat to scorpion island

he tries to make a connection

his weather


army service, odd knuckles

the way he swung her

with her hair loosed down

the night they met

impossible as the hour’s new foal

her dance is knees and possible sliding


some snow

some sun

she will tie that hair up

in the morning

take the boat with him

to scorpion island

keep her eyes off his knuckles

not think of them, nor him, for years

not until the night she tries

to understand how

she decided

one foot skimming, mid-slide



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