2006: Handout

it’s 2006 and

this is garden time;

when else to teach

about the mighty work of bees?

i don’t get out much

and i don’t mind


i am asked to conduct

a workshop for teachers

about indigenous pedagogy

specifically, the nature

and uses of orality.


i tell stories

and tell about stories

what i know about the shaping

what i know about sound

what i know about the purpose

of having people attend

without props

to story.


watch, listen, be present, trust yourself

i say to them. this is what

i learned from my best teachers

(yes, elders, but also drama profs

directors, horses, cows and bees)

the principle remains

also the same with a tiny human

watch, listen, be present

trust yourself.


no, i reply, there are no handouts.

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