Day 6:That We Are Home

That we are always home

that it is always sacred ground

that what we do is nature’s way

for humans

we need not run into the hills

as ants and termites make their cities

we, too, dwell together.

there is an urban ant network

along the south coast of spain

for 4000 kilometers, i read

there is a pax formica

peace among the ants

and trade, travel, intermarriage

one supposes.

scientists surmised this

on evidence of experiment-

take an ant from one hill, place it in another

and that ant will be killed as an invader

unless there is a passport – chemical, they suppose –

by which the hosts recognise the newcomer

belonging. according to this, 4000 kilometers

of anthills are all one urban network, one

ant city state, one empire. all along the coast

they can mix strange ants and the hosts will accept them.

the traveller is always home.

what is this chemical? how does it so often elude us?




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