Ferocious In the Service of Love

“the heart is our lens for seeing” Raffi Cavoukian

In this time of rising tides

in this time of shattering

in this shorn hair time, where darkness

pools; let the blessed black of holy night

where mystery holds sway by right

again become a resting place, guarded

by those who walk ferocious

in the service of love. And let us speak

of all the things gone right, hold them

up to the light, in reflection notice

our own potential, atomic

charged and dancing, centred.

How remarkable the heart, our lens

for seeing. Let it guide our eyes

direct our gaze to spruce root, as to

wireless worldwide chime, both

holding on, both conversation

with others known, by pulses of light, coded

and readable. Here, we can reach

around the world in moments

trusting filament and air. So, too

let us trust the coded conversation

of root through earth via mineral.

We talk via coltan,copper, resin

spruce talk via roots. This is the greater

wave, the deeper pulse, the listening.

Under winter’s dark boughs, still the heart

a lens for seeing how these old ones

walk ferocious, in the service of love.








4 Comments Add yours

  1. how lovely!! walk ferocious, aho!


  2. Mary-Ann says:

    dearest ams, holding sway through the nights with my palliative mother. Thank you for the ferocious in love encouragement.


  3. prairiepomes says:

    wishing you both peace and grace, comfort and love.


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