One Moon, Many Faces

This poem is the first one i translated into Spanish on my Español page.

One Moon, Many Faces

At the balance point between summer and autumn

so much turns on the breath of fog

falling over a broad green stream.

To be so pierced by light

vague, faceless sun

given specific, cratered glory

And down in the water

is that you? Madam, your age is showing

and amplified, by each daughter

caught in hands, cups, rivers, ponds

Each in our own night

we rise, turn, fill and give way


But just now, no other moon

has ever risen just here, like this

silvering clouds, limning our path.

Put down your camera, be quiet.

This is personal.

(for Don, Rayanne, and the poets who walked the Autumn Moon with me, September, 2013. Also for Gerry, who knows how to fit the moon into a teaspoon.)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary-Ann says:

    Loved the limning……..


    1. prairiepomes says:

      me too, thanks. interestingly, my very big, very thorough spanish dictionary has no listing for ‘limning’…


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