Abecedario Numero Uno: Animal Alphabet

Aardvarks of Insecurity sniff your soul’s toes; Bees of Defensiveness fizz in your ear; is that the Crocodile of Doubt?

Dung Beetles of Truth roll on, while the Ermine of Excuses slinks thru; Temporality’s Ferrets stop digging for nothing;

but Love is that hulking Gorilla, watching from the shadows; he grooms himself and eats a casual leaf, undeniably.


Horses of Hyperbole stretch out their silly necks and run, swifter than the sun;

and o, the Iguanas of Infamy

Jealousy’s Jackass kicks hard;

Kingfishers of Kindliness stitch up my heart in gentle arabesques.

Let Lions of Laziness loll lascivious, lest

the meddlesome Mink of Memory shimmy in to remind me of you, moving heaven and earth.


Newts of Curiosity wake me in the dawning;

Onward, Ostriches of Realistic Expectation, run and kick your mighty legs!

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps those are the Porpoises of Rapprochement bobbing in the ebbing wavetops.


Consider  Serenity’s Scorpion, basking well-defended, in the indiscriminate sun.

Ah, Tarantula of Tenderness, lurking in the tight-bunched bananas of righteous indignation, ready to creep up your arm.

Uakari of Unexpected Beauty, light my path with your clear and present gaze.

haHA! those are the Vicuñas of Victory, their pointy toes tap-dancing all over any protest against persistent gloriousness.

Now let fuzzy little Wombats of Self-regard protect me from the host of provocations to be less than.


There go the X-Ray Tetras of Independence. How do they school their thoughts, discern the flow, inhabit it so fluently?


Yaks of Self-possession, we go to tea, all woolly and reeking of Life.


O holy Zebu of Right Relationship, lift up my heart on horns of thankfulness, for all that is, and for my own place in this.


Of course, i never forget about the sudden possible appearance, at any  moment (along with the Elephant of Surprise, his rumoured girlfriend), of the Moose of Inspiration, blowing his mighty nose in the ear of my mind.

All My Relations,


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