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Well, here’s a fine way to start the day. My friend Shelley  ​​ invited me to blog hop with her and other blogging writers.
It’s a way to find out more about each other, and share notes about our writing lives. Here’s more info on Shelley
She’s a multi-genre writer, with several well-received books to her credit, and a strong background in workshops for both kids and adults. And she’s fun to jam with.
These are the questions we’re answering:
1) What am I working on?
I am working on the new book of poetry. How easily five years have slid past, since Fifth World Drum’s debut. 
Mind you, i’ve been busy. 
I’m also working on performance versions of a few poems and songs, recently presented at Edmonton Poetry Festival and also in honour of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recent meeting here. Next presenting in Toronto, at the ArtBar. Then Calgary. Doing a few other performance gigs in the meanwhile, here and there. 
Writing wise, also working on three collections of short memoir essays: one about the experience of being indigenous in my skin; a companion collection of gig stories in a lighter vein; and one about my old car.
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I don’t know. It might be in my own use of goofiness. Not that i’m goofier than thou. Not that i’m massively, nor necessarily successfully, goofy. But i would venture to say i am distinctly goofy.
3) Why do I write what I do?
Because it amuses me, it pleases me, it strikes me as potentially useful and interesting to people. Sometimes i have a notion that there is value in my particular perspective on life.
4) How does my writing process work?
I am a stealth writer. At any given moment, like a root system colonising under the surface, ideas are chiggling along inside the mind, getting ready to emerge. I perform arcane and mystical rites in their service, every day. Mostly, i stand ready to notice connections between things, and attempt to describe those connections in ways that will hopefully delight, provoke, and usefully affect others.
​If you are a blogger who’d like to take to participate, please do. Simply answer the questions in your blog, and link back to my blog. And let me know, via comments, that you’re in. If you send me a link to your blog, i’ll read your post, too.
Is this a 21st century chain letter? No. Nothing will happen if you don’t keep it going. It’s just a fun way to maybe pick up a few new readers among the writing set, have some fun, possibly inspire each other.
Thank you!
Shelley ​

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  1. You are indeed distinctly goofy, my friend! Great post!


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