Rhythm, Bikes and Poetry!

On November 30th, i was privileged to be part of the launch of a very special anthology, Sun  & Snow 2013, the third edition of poetry anthologies produced by Rhythm International Foundation of Edmonton

See more about their work here: http://www.rhythminternational.org

Introducing me, the fabulous Titilope Sonuga (see her work here: http://titilope.ca/ ) commented that she was surprised to learn of my recurring gig as Bike-nik Poet at the Bikeology Festival.

So, for Titi, and for everyone else who hasn’t yet heard about this great little festival, here’s the link to their site: http://www.bikeology.ca/

it’s great that, in Edmonton, we celebrate Poetry Month in April, and Bike Month in June. Both months involve creative community events, and celebrate active, homegrown, joyful culture.

Here’s to all the good folks who get together and make creative things happen.

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