This is Our Community- Happy Canada Day

Hey good people, let’s start a groundswell of commentary – why is the fact that this is an Aboriginal grandmother, with the support of her husband and community, not in the headline here? 

Grandmother dodges tankers on 58-km North Coast swim


And why is this story not getting more play?
When the media are so swift and diligent in tagging problems and issues and tragedies as pertaining to Aboriginals, don’t you agree that they ought to be just as clear about how much we contribute in terms of pride and achievement? This swim is a world-class achievement, bigger than swimming the English Channel. Accomplished by a 40-something grandmother from a tiny Aboriginal community. In support of her community – all of us – raising money and awareness in the fight against disease. 
This Canada Day, and for the year to come, how much can we challenge ourselves as Canadians, to really push for the positive truth about our communities to be told? As an Aboriginal Canadian Woman, i am constantly aware of the barrage of negative media directed categorically at me, whatever the truth of my life might be. If i do well, i am an anomaly, or  a phony, or my well-being is down to my European heritage. If i falter, for even a moment, are you looking for the “indian to come out”? Me, i am okay; though these negative attitudes are like a constant veil of buzzing flies, i know how to swat.
However, it is demeaning for all of us to endure this negative skew. And by “all of us” i mean all Canadians. How shameful to be apathetic in the face of media that paints us all as willfully ignorant of the nuanced and beautiful truth of life amongst those of us of Aboriginal heritage.
Here’s to all the good people, of whatever persuasion, who are showing us capacity for strength, devotion, endurance and service. It’s wonderful to live in a Canada that includes the good people of Lax-Kw’alaams; thanks, Dayna, for inspiring us, and thanks to your family for your inspiring support.
all my relations,
Anna Marie Sewell

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  1. Thank you, Anna Marie. i did see this astonishing woman on ATP the other night. I’m glad you underline the importance of her accomplishments for every woman, man, child. Happy Canada Day! And watch out for other fearless grandparents!


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